About us

Powering Life Changing Ideas

We help companies build strong brands that resonate with people's beliefs and way of living.

We are a bilingual digital marketing agency specialized in Lean Marketing, the marketing philosophy that allows startups or new ventures to grow quickly and efficiently in the market. Our marketing work is 100% digital, we love technology, constant optimization, inbound marketing and the power of content to provide credibility and mobilize brands.

We are agile, efficient, reliable, creative and innovative. We combine the accuracy of technical marketing and growth hacking, with the human power of communications, culture, society to build strong brands that resonate with the needs, beliefs and lifestyles of people.

This allows us to further generate traffic to your website, consolidate sales and bring revenue to your company or idea.

How we do it

Chaskis way!


A boutique marketing agency: We are a small and specialized agency that works as personalized as one more member of your working team.


We love metrics: Web analytics allow us to see the numbers in real time so we make decisions faster.


We try to keep in constant learning to provide your brand with innovative solutions to marketing needs.


Our way of doing marketing focuses on one goal; having a rapid growth on startups, while lowering the customer acquisition cost. That's why we use lead generation strategy as a way of using the power of content and social media as an efficient way to achieve this goal.

What Does Chaskis Mean?

The term Chaskis, is the quechua word for Chasquis, that means
"the one who receives and gives".

The chasquis were the messengers of the Inca empire, they traveled the network of the Inca roads at great speeds. The chasquis were selected from children, which in addition to running very fast, had to be very athletic and very resistant, since they had to cover great distances at great speeds doing messenger relay, without affecting the rest of the team, since the communication in the empire depended on them.

The chaskis were brave, persistent, focus, result driven, and passionate as we are at Chaskis Digital.

We don't see ourselves as a marketing company but as a group of passionate people who help you connect your life changing idea with the people that matters to you.

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