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Why you should work with micro-influencers to make your business a success?

Micro-influencers may have a following of fewer than 10,000 people but they are more connected to those few followers than celebrities and influencers with millions of followers. These days when people are looking for recommendations from all sorts of sources and Social media is influencing buying decisions, a micro-influencer is your go-to person as part of your marketing strategy. Know why...

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How to plan a strong social media strategy

A few years ago, you could have got away with just having a presence on Social Media but it's 2018 and with more than 3 billion active social media users you have to be fully invested and focussed on engagement with your customers for the growth of your business. Here we are going to discuss some important tips you can use when designing a social media strategy. So lets go.......

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What a great community manager can do for your business?

Community management is still new on the block and if done right it can work wonders for your social media presence and brand building. That is why we are going to discuss the importance of community management in this digital world and why a community manager is the need of the hour for your effective digital presence.

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