The benefits of Inbound and Outbound Marketing

Why talk about Inbound 'vs.' Outbound Marketing? instead of getting the best out of each one and thus learning to use a little bit of both? 😉 Chaskis does not discriminate, and here we tell you the benefits of everything and how you can apply them in your strategies!

We must be clear that both have shared objectives, and it is obvious: to attract users' attention to contract a service or sell a product.

But as we always need a snack to contextualize ourselves about what we will talk about, let us explain a little what both terms are, how they work, and their objectives.

What is Inbound Marketing?

It is a tool that seeks your company's growth by creating essential relationships with users, clients, and consumers. It aims to supply components that allow you to meet the goals set in your company.

 It also allows your potential consumers to find you more quickly, that your brand is known through valuable content strategies directly related to customers' needs. Don't forget that a satisfied customer will be a loyal customer. 😉


So how do we apply Inbound Marketing?

• Attract: seek to get the attention of your target audience through engaging content, topics that they know can make you see as an opinion leader, which will make them interested in you and want to follow your content.

It is not about anyone entering your website; what matters is that the right people enter, those who can become leads and then happy customers. We must create relevant content to add in searches, knowing how to classify the relationship with the topics of interest to the target audience.

 Upload content loaded with a value that is fun and has a hook. Make the most of your social networks to attract the customer. Do not forget about the ads to generate more brand visibility with users, and always remember! Keep a report of results in which you can give feedback on what works and what doesn't.


• Interact: take into account what users ask/need, give them this information with possible solutions so that they feel included, thus you will increase the chances of having consumers for your brand.

 Develop a long-term relationship with potential customers among your networks, and use conversion tools to get your user data from your site.

The characteristics

  •  It extends over time and is not conditioned to a single practice or technique. It uses several to achieve the results in a better way.
  •  SEO, SEM, and valuable content are of great importance.
  •  They are based on ROI, results measured in growth.
  •  It seeks to attract users long before entering the purchase decision stage so that the potential consumer keeps the idea in his mind for a longer time.


And of course, we are going to tell you what are the benefits of applying Inbound Marketing:


• Customers have attracted thanks organically to the relevant content, and this will help promote your brand. Creating content will automatically create interaction by those who see the publications, and thus we will already be generating recurring traffic.

• Competent leads 

If we create content designed for a particular audience, we are more likely to reach them because we will contact the primary point. By contacting the right people, we are also more likely to get sales.

• Connection and engagement

Imagine entering a page where they give you precisely the solution or answer you were looking for, bingo! Here we are creating an effective connection with consumers. If you provide them with valuable information and topics that your audience or buyer person needs, you will gain trust and closeness with each of these.

Now you know what Inbound Marketing is about, how you can apply it, and how it works; It is time to know Outbound Marketing and everything you can do with this method.


As we said before, Outbound Marketing also seeks to attract consumers' attention, but in this case, the methods are more direct and one-way.

 Most traditional advertising can be said to be part of the outbound. Still, it can also find it within the outbound digital advertising formats, such as banners, pop-ups, or ads within videos.

Something that characterizes outbound marketing is having the sale as its primary objective in all its strategies. For this reason, its techniques and action plan try to capture the customer's attention on the product or service, showing it directly.

 The content used in this method is usually straightforward, direct, and poorly developed, unlike other types of content. In other words, outbound marketing has more spontaneous actions and does not pretend so much to achieve customer interaction or satisfaction, but rather to have their full attention and achieve the absolute positioning of the brand, product, or service.


Here are a few tactics in which you can apply outbound marketing 😉


Ads in videos

Let's start because the video format is an excellent choice for telling stories, and telling a tale generates closeness and ties with the audience. Do I need to tell you why it is such important content? I do not believe it. 😊

In addition, at present, there are already pages or apps that see ads as part of the experience. It is not interrupted; even the user can arrange and control how many videos or pauses he wants to have. This type of page means an excellent benefit for the brand that wants to advertise; Your ads will appear organic and in a controlled manner.

"E-mail to cold door"

We are telling you one of the most effective tactics that outbound marketing has. And it would help if you took into account actions such as researching very well to send quality e-mails.

 In this method, quality is more important than quantity; use this to choose people you think would be interested in consuming your content. Although it may seem ironic, an e-mail to a cold door should be sent with a warm tone that generates closeness, that the user considers and feels that there is a "you to you" conversation.


Social Ads

 They are based on information about the behavior and tastes of users who are on social networks.

 Here it is combined a bit with the Inbound Marketing strategy to generate leads. (An excellent idea to combine two methods for the same purpose. 😊) Can use promoted posts on social networks to increase the reach of the content, thus generating more views and therefore more recognition from users.


The characteristics 

  •  He manages to get the customer's attention, although his way of doing it is usually persistent
  •  When sending a message and having one-way communication, in this method, there is no feedback 
  • Massively reach a group of people.
  •  Focuses on the product, the company, or the service
  • Put aside the "ornaments" and focus on the sale.


But don't be discouraged! Although this method may be a little more rudimentary and radical, it is still essential in marketing due to the good results obtained from this strategy.


Here we go with a few benefits of Outbound Marketing.

 We advise you to be very clear in the strategy used to know how to execute it; this method has benefits that will help your company obtain excellent results and give power to your brand.

Less time

When we apply the tactic of promoting the product to impact the public, the benefits are obtained in the short term. So, we will have more clients in less time without creating a whole campaign that may take a little more time, and still, we will obtain the desired results.


Ads can be repeated; you don't need to constantly create new campaigns and varied content, with you creatively striving to create a single ad with the appropriate content.

With relevant information and a great design, you will have won. Also, you already thought you would spend less time designing a single ad? 😊



By having sales as the main focus, the dissemination of advertising is fast, like purchase; this happens because having a short-term strategy, here comes the implicit encouragement of users to make impulse purchases.


And to finish this blog, we want to show you how you can include both methods in your marketing strategies. Guess what? It is possible, and you will be delighted with the results you will get!


We will tell you a speedy and straightforward to understand example: we are creating content on this blog for our frequent consumers (Inbound), but at the same time, we add a few ads (Outbound) in the sidebar so that while you read, they appear there. Without knowing if they are of interest to you or not, what if you find something that you did not think you needed, and after you finish reading this blog, run to visit that page? We have killed two birds with one stone. We got you to consume in both strategies. 😉

I hope this blog post helps you understand how valuable content strategies work and how you can use them to your advantage to have a great reach. Remember: it is not just about acquiring new customers but also about building loyalty and converting them into followers hooked by consuming your content and your products.

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