Have a customer-centric approach while designing a website

Thinking of getting yourself a website which will enhance your digital presence and help you promote your business better? Then you must have thought about your purpose of designing the website and have decided on your target audiences and the kind of content you want to put across your prospective customers. If not, then that is the biggest mistake you are making while thinking of a website. The website is your first impression on your audience and has an impact on how your business is perceived.

We are not denying the importance of a suitable web designer who will understand your vision and replicate the same. Typography, attractive layouts, colors, domain name, and hosting are important too but isn’t the web designer already aware of the same? As the owner of the business, the most important decision you have to make is the purpose your website is going to serve for you. Are you going to create it for providing information about your products and services to your customers or will it be an E-Commerce platform? It will not only make it easy for you to decide on the technology you want to use for designing your website but also on the kind of content you want to create for it.

Focus on Target Audience

You should design your website keeping your prospective users in mind. Targeting the right customers and developing a plan accordingly can prove to be the best step towards achieving your goals. Include all such information that your users might want to know about you, like what you do, who are you, what are your values and the message that you as a brand want to put forth. Try to answer all such possible questions that your user might want to ask you. Your product and service information should be displayed in a clear and concise manner.

Align your Website with your Marketing Strategy

Your website should reflect on your brand image and its values. It has the potential to take your brand to another level but only if it resonates with your brand, the work, and efforts you put and its authenticity. Build your marketing strategy around your potential customers and make sure it reflects on your website. Like if you want to build authority through blogging or you want purchases to happen through your website, then that should be a part of your “call to action” plan. Keep evolving your website with your marketing goals.

Content Promotion

While designing your website you should focus on writing high quality and original content which is relevant to your products and services. This will also help you in improving your search engine rankings. Google keyword planner is an excellent tool to find your relevant keywords. In today's world, blogging is the best mode to share your skills with your audiences. They feel more confident in buying from you as you come across as professionals and experts in your field. This helps in creating long-term trust among your customers. So try to provide them with fresh and engaging content on a regular basis.

Focus on a Mobile-friendly Website

In the 21st century, the mobile devices have overtaken the desktop as the device that most people use for web browsing. Your website should function and interact similarly from device to device. The text and social feeds should be legible and images should be optimized for mobile performance and the navigation should be easy even on smaller screens. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, it may affect your search engine rankings. So make it mobile friendly so that your customers can use it on the go.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration is no longer being new or creative, it’s a requirement. Technology has made information sharing so convenient that by lacking on social media integration, you are failing to take advantage of the word of mouth advertising. Social media provides a platform where customers can share their reviews, talk about you and promote you. It becomes very easy to share relevant content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube by adding social media buttons on your website.

Best User Experience

Easy navigation can provide a better user experience and if your website fails to provide the same, people are less likely to come back. Do not make it tough for your users to find content and understand your offerings by cluttering with too much information. It can become overwhelming for the visitors and your core offering may get missed out.

Call to Actions

Call to action is made available on a website to help visitors in proceeding with a subscription or a download or a purchase. If a person is reading your blog and wants to subscribe to an email newsletter, then he should not have to hunt for the same. Putting forth such options encourage your visitors to contact your business. Also, it's equally important for your contact details to be clearly visible so that your visitors can contact you.

To sum up, designing a website can be a challenging task and with the ever-increasing struggle to find a place in the search engine rankings, it's hard to create a website that stands out. There is always so much to incorporate and talk about. Your website showcases important information about your products, services, your team, and business story. But before deciding on any technical aspect, make sure to decide your goal and purpose behind the website. Be sure of what you want to convey to your target audiences and focus on the content to carve out a place for yourself in the heart of your customers.

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