Should you use Pay Per Click to grow your business?

PPC is an important part of digital marketing. It’s an effective way to reach people who are looking for exactly what you have to offer and it gives quick results. Although small businesses are still apprehensive about it and still rely on organic search rankings. We can not really blame them as they generally operate on smaller budgets and they might think that PPC can be expensive for them.

But that’s a big myth, free methods can bring good results but if you want great results for your business you should consider using paid methods as well. If you look at the ROI of PPC ads it’s very high as the investment is not much as it looks and the results can be significant and steady.

In this blog, we are going to talk about PPC and list out the major benefits that why you should consider using PPC for your business.

What is Pay per Click advertising

As the name suggests, PPC is hosting your ad on a platform and paying only when it gets clicked. It’s nothing but a well researched and customized ad made to attract only targeted prospective customers.

On google search network you can list your ads by bidding for keywords that are relevant to your business. The position for your ad is determined by the amount you are willing to pay, the amount your competitors are willing to pay and your quality score based on your click-through rate, relevance and landing page quality.

It’s a win-win situation for searchers as they get highly relevant searches for what they are looking for and for advertisers as their ads get displayed in front of people who are literally looking for it.

Reasons to use PPC for your business-

It allows you to have the first exposure in front of your customers  

Some research shows that the first five results get more than 60% clicks and so pay per click advertising helps you to be among the first few links your prospective clients may click on. You can achieve this by researching on keywords and figuring out which ones your customers will be searching to find your services.

It allows you to reach your targeted audiences

With PPC you can get connected to your targeted audiences, and the more the targeted traffic, the better is the chance of converting them to clients.

Google AdWords let you define your audience based on their city, town, a country where your business trades. You can also schedule your ads for limited hours in a day depending on your operational hours.

If your call to action is to get users to call, you can limit your targeting to show ads only on mobile devices.

You will be saved from spending money on audiences who are not interested in your product/service.

It starts getting you faster results

Organic search results take time to build your search rankings but PPC can generate traffic and conversions right away.

In just a few days you can see the visible increase in your traffic. This is a big reward for small businesses who are struggling to get noticed in this ocean of a marketplace.

You can have complete control

You can set your own budget, determining how much you want to spend on a daily basis. If your current ad is not attracting your target market then you can change it until you get the right combination of keywords and ad texts. You have the ability to make quick edits and try new things every day. You can scale up or scale down your spend or stop your ad spend right away.

It's cost-effective

One of the misconceptions about PPC is that it’s expensive and many people refrain from using it in their marketing campaign. But if you follow certain rules you can make out a lot of profit out of your campaigns.

  • Start with a small campaign and depending on the results you can spend more.
  • Optimize your cost per click by adding negative or long tail keywords and adjusting your bidding by location and devices.
  • Analyze your campaigns and spend more money on keywords that are generating profit for you.
  • Keep a check on your competitor’s spending on ads, what keywords they are bidding for and how they are targeting the customers

It allows you to retarget your customers

By adding a simple code provided by Google Adwords, you allow them to identify with cookies the people who visited your website but did not purchase from you. You can then create a campaign to retarget those people and offer them incentives to visit your website and complete the purchase.

It allows you to track and test your campaign

Unlike traditional advertising, PPC advertising through Adwords gives you the smallest details that you can compare, calculate and measure.

You can measure things like clicks, impressions, visits/leads, sales. With Adwords, you can identify the ROI by comparing sales value against money spent.

Such insights help you plan better so that you can improve the profitability from your PPC campaigns.

As discussed above, PPC is a platform for almost any kind of business either small or big. The pricing can accommodate any budget and you can start getting quick leads skyrocketing your reach and sales in no time.

But it’s necessary to know how to manage a PPC account. It can take some time to finally get hold of using the correct and relevant keywords. But even if you are correctly running your ads and gaining traffic to your website it’s not necessary that the users take the actions you desire. In that case, you will not be getting any return on the money you spent on the campaign. The landing page and the relevant content has a lot to do here. Make sure the ads lead to the most engaging and relevant page on your website to convert the lead into a sale.

So now you know the drill, just start using PPC to attract as many customers and grow your business to new levels.

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