What a great community manager can do for your business?

Creating an emotional connection and developing trust among your audiences can boost your brand and make your business a success. One of the trending ways to achieve this is by creating and maintaining an online community.

It’s still new on the block and there is so much to leverage. By creating communities you are creating an online platform for interacting with your users on a regular basis, encourage discussions and establishing relationship and trust.

Community management is beyond social media publishing, and it’s more of customer service, and being active in discussions relating to your brand. So just posting random at random will not help and you and  your employees may not have the relevant experience or enough time to devote in this area.

Because you are a small or medium business and you may have a vast array of responsibilities  and writing tweets and posting on instagram isn’t on high priority for you. Hiring a social media manager will be just the right thing for you as he will be the expert to manage these tasks. We are going to discuss how important is community management and how a community manager can be a true help for your social media presence.

What is community management?

Community management is to build your brand across social media platforms by engaging prospects and influencers. A community manager advocate for your business with potential customers and find new prospects through social media, crafts a tone of voice for the brand and forms significant relationships with the audiences.

Community management includes:

  • Monitoring and tracing conversations that relate to your brand.
  • Proactively engaging with your customers, prospects, and influencers
  • Moderating by weeding out the comments that don’t add value and resolving customers complaints.
  • Analyzing how your brand is perceived and getting real, unfiltered feedback.

Importance of Community management:

  • With social media, branding, and advertising has become a two-way communication which requires fostering and nurturing a relationship with your audiences.
  • You need to tailor your message to each customer in a way that resonates with them and they start believing in you and your brand.
  • You are always present to resolve their queries and complaints making them feel like they matter. You are actively engaging with people and monitoring trends and so you can get an insight on how to improve your social media strategy.
  • Replying to your comments in a timely fashion increases the activity on your post and so it will be prioritized to be seen by your followers.

What a Community Manager does?

Provide valuable information:

It’s not anymore about pushing out what you want to communicate but about content that benefits the audiences, then only you will be able to spark a conversation and build credibility for your brand. Community manager curates content that not only educates but entertains and keep your audiences glued to your pages for regular updates. Humanizes your brand by provoking positive emotional responses of laughter and smile.

Is thoughtful while responding:

It’s crucial to respond to comments, concerns or questions on your page. A community manager is a people lover, he write responses keeping himself in the audiences shoes. The idea is to show empathy and connect with your audiences to establish a long term relationship. Keeping your brands' voice consistent across platforms is crucial as well.

Engages in other content as well:

Building relationships is a two-way process. It’s important to engage with other people’s content rather than just expecting them to like and talk about your content. Community manager does research on your target community members and give them thoughtful and meaningful responses.

Through better engagement, asks your customers to share their experiences with your products or services which later can be used as testimonials.

Forging connections with other business owners:

A good community manager’s job is not just being active on his companies website but also reaching out to others in the industry to arrange opportunities like guest blogging, to form a relationship with authority figures to share his site’s content, conducting meetups to promote your brand by disseminating knowledge.

Host regular meetups or webinars:

To give your interactions a human touch you should hold such events which gives your audiences an opportunity to relate to you. People want human interaction and it helps you connect and engage better with them. A community manager designs the content for such events.

Consistent content:

A community manager keeps your social media content consistent and organized. He puts together a social media content calendar and keep everything on trends related to your brand on it and stay sorted and always a step ahead. Consistent posting increases the traffic to your website and convinces prospects to check out your business offerings.

As more and more people are coming on social media to look for products and services it’s important to be the part of that search. To drive discussions and build brand awareness to make your brand a leader in its field.

You need someone to manage your online reputation by providing an antidote to the complaints, thank customers for their love and praise and answer people looking for more information also keep your comments section spam free.

You can use the above tips to create an online community that connects with people, driving leads, nurturing and enriching the experience of your customers.

If you do not have the bandwidth or the relevant talent to create a community manager. We are here to help! drop us a message or send us an email to learn how you can leverage the benefits of community management.

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