Why Newsletter is important for E-commerce?

Anyone of the opinion that newsletters have died should know that it’s far from the truth. In this digital age, the newsletter has more to offer than ever before. They are a good communication option as they are not focused on a specific thing like promotional emails but offer a better range of interests. Online businesses can inform customers about their company and any news in the sphere, hence promoting long-lasting relationship with them.

And that relationship converts into sales opportunity in the future!

What is a newsletter?

A newsletter is a digital publication containing information about the activities of a business or an organization that is sent via email regularly to all its potential or existing customers who have shown interest in receiving the information.

A newsletter with a good mailing list is an effective way to promote your products or services, establish a quality relationship with your readers and ensure conversions in the coming future.

The newsletters offer better chances of conversion and loyalty potential because the people receiving the emails are the ones who are interested to know about you, who have shown confidence in you by subscribing to learn about you.

Email newsletters can go a long way in educating and persuading your prospects to purchase your products and services. How much sales you make depends directly on how helpful you have been to those prospects.

Why newsletters are so important-

Awareness about your brand

Publishing newsletters present an opportunity to increase awareness about your brand and its products. Prospects may have known very little about you through advertisements or social media promotions but here you can give them all the information, all the offers, links to your web pages that you want to put across.

Exposure to your products

A study reveals that an average customer should be exposed to a product for about 6-8 times before they decide to make a purchase. A periodical newsletter allows you that opportunity to put your business in front of customers repeatedly. A prospective customer may be thinking of purchasing your product and a series of newsletters will help them finalize their decision to buy from you.

Maintain contact with customers and prospects

Sending newsletters at regular intervals helps you maintain contact with your customers and prospects in between purchases. Your regular communication can keep them aware of your existence and whenever they plan to buy something you sell, they will definitely think about you.

More chances of conversion

These newsletters are more likely to generate sales for you than other social media efforts as you are directly communicating to the clients who have already shown interest in your brand and business by subscribing to your newsletters. Now the ball is in your court to promote your products effectively and present them with all the options and a simplified buying process.

Higher brand recall value

With regular communication, you get retained in the memory of your customers. Otherwise, after buying a product from you, they may forget you and you lose the opportunity of cross-selling or up selling the same customer. But with newsletters you can keep in touch, interacting with dormant customers or adding value by sharing care tips. So the next time they want to upgrade they will think about you first.

Personalized communication

You may have different things to offer to old clients and people who have just subscribed. Sending them different content as per their position in the sales funnel plays an important role in moving them to the next phase and convert sales. Email newsletters can be very personal with the customer’s name on it. You can maintain email lists as per the targeted attributes like demographics, geographical locations and many more.

Increased web traffic

You attract more and more subscribers every month to read your blogs by sending them periodical emails, hence increasing your web traffic. More traffic will improve your Google search rankings and that, in turn, will get you more organic traffic. This cycle ultimately gets you better exposure and boost your chances of a sale.

Ultimately the readers of your newsletters are the ones that read your articles, spend time on your website, give you feedback and share your posts and content on social media because they are the most interested in your content as they have signed up for it. You get a list of people who are the most loyal customers or prospects and who are more likely to make a purchase from you, Isn’t it the best thing in this competitive world.

Another factor working in its favor is the low cost, the only cost involved is the expense for the email service provider and pretty much it. So what are you waiting for, start building your list and create an effective newsletter to attract your prospects and if you need any help we are here! drop us a message or send us an email to learn how you can leverage the benefits of community management.

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