Why you should consider using a CMS Web Design, rather than building it from scratch?

There used to be a time when building a website to create an online presence was considered a tedious task. Either you had to be equipped with the required knowledge or get someone who already was. But today you have a number of Content Management System (CMS) available that can make your work pretty easier. The next big question that arises is to decide whether to build the website from scratch using HTML Javascript or use one of the CMS platforms like WordPress, Squarespace,  Joomla or Drupal.

Well, both have their advantages and disadvantages. It also depends on your requirement for your website. If you want a one or two-page website you can use the HTML coding, but if your website is large with multiple pages and you want to modify those pages then CMS is the option for you because modifying manually coded website can be a challenging task.

What is Content Management System?

CMS is a system that gives you the framework required to build a website, you just need to choose from the variously available pre-built templates, fill in all the content and attach relevant plug-ins and you are ready with your website. It also gives you a way to create and manage digital content like publishing blog pages and real-time editing of existing pages.

This option is ideal for people from the nontechnical background but technical people also use it and make the most out of it with the knowledge of HTML.

Besides the difference in the amount of time and money required to build manually coded and CMS website and by that I meant that manually coded website can be expensive and take more time to get built, there are few other advantages that CMS site has to offer which are going to discuss now.

Advantages of using CMS

It takes much shorter

Because most of the coding is already done, a CMS site can get launched within a few weeks if you are prepared with your content. You get prebuilt themes and all you need to do is drag and drop your content and few customizations and website production is done.

The time required to build a hand-coded website is more as it requires to be built from scratch.

Website management

If your website has multiple pages and you plan to make changes and additions to those pages in the future then CMS makes it easier to do things like edit pages, add new pages, create user forms and so on.

With hand-coded websites adding and editing pages can be a little difficult as it requires developers and you can not change it from your end.

Independence and convenience

It’s not very difficult to understand CMS and use it to build a website, you may not even need to take help from a developer. It should also be easy to integrate with the relevant plugins that work with your templates depending on the type of website you are designing.

Hand coded websites are also convenient and independent but with programming knowledge.


It’s easy to improve things and make extensive customizations within the ready to use templates, you can also change the photos or adjust the texts thanks to its user interface. And you can do this without even touching a single line of code.

The hand-coded websites can be more customized as you have full control over what you are doing, you can create your own templates but with this option, you have to invest a lot of time for debugging

Do not require technical knowledge

You don’t need to know the coding languages, just a simple understanding of what you want from your website and how it should look, depending on that you can choose the themes. It also reduces the chances of errors as everything is being written in the background by the tool and those code snippets are verified beforehand.

With hand coding, you have to have knowledge of advanced programming languages.

Multiuser support

If you are creating a large website with multiple pages, services, features, and blog then CMS is a good option as it gives you multi-user support. You can create users account and they can have different possibilities of action depending on the role assigned to them. It is very helpful if you are regularly updating the pages and publishing blogs on your website.

Now if you think about it, these days everybody is building websites for an online presence. Many digital trends coming and going, the importance of blogging and content is increasing day by day. And there is so much requirement to constantly update your content and website.

Well CMS gives you all of that and in real time with much less cost. You get the impressive range of layouts and almost everything you need to build a working website and you go live in just a few weeks. Isn’t that a lucrative option to catch hold of, well we think so.

If you have any other doubts or questions regarding choosing the right option to build your website, drop us a message on our website or send us an email to discuss how you can benefit from CMS. We are happy to help!

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