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No matter what’s your marketing goal Online Presence or Growth, the first step before any activity is creating a Marketing Plan to align the strategy with broader brand objectives.

Marketing plan

This document is an essential part of strategic planning that will allow us to meet the established objectives, create a line of action and a measurement system.
Every project should start with a comprehensive marketing plan, establishing measurable objectives that are aligned with the company’s strategy and value proposition.

The marketing plan has the following steps:


Market analysis




Strategy and tactical plan


Measurement system

Online Presence

If you are a small business and want to have an online presence, create a community and start selling your product or service.

This plan is for you!


Marketing Site

CMS Web Design

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)


For companies that want to increase their revenue, retain customers or expand their brand reach.

Email marketing

Email Automation


Drip Campaign Setting

Email Outreach Campaign

Pay Per Click

App Marketing

Remarketing and retargeting

Display Adverstising

PPC Audit

Content marketing

Content Strategy


Seeding and Promotion

Digital PR

Content Design

Video Marketing

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